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Corporate Coaching Excellence

Corporate Coaching - Executive Coaching - Professional Life Coach

What are the aims of corporate coaching ?

  • To facilitate your personal and professional growth
  • To create and project your own leadership style
  • To enable you to lead high-performance teams
  • To maximize your performance within your corporate culture
  • To adjust to corporate transitions and emerging needs
  • To overcome obstacles to your success

Corporate coaching (executive coaching, life coaching) may be the key to your interpersonal effectiveness, professional development, and professional empowerment.


Professional Life Coach -- Nan Thorp

Nan Thorp is a professional life coach, providing one-to-one executive coaching in numerous industries, including the hospitality industry. In 1989, after 18 years of senior management positions in the hospitality and telecommunications industries, Nan Thorp established Thorp & Associates.

Nan designs and facilitates workshops and provides coaching for corporate offices, executive committees, management teams and line Staff in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Is corporate coaching the key to your personal growth and professional challenges? Contact Nan Thorp to find out. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Corporate Coaching - Executive Coaching - Professional Life Coach