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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

As a leader in your industry, you need to focus on aligning your vision with employee job satisfaction and business objectives. You can't separate customer service excellence from the corporate culture that defines it and the people who deliver it.

Thorp & Associates designs training for your entire organization to ensure a culture of service excellence, because delivery of exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with profitability and employee satisfaction.


Customer Service Excellence Is No Accident

You need to do everything you can to ensure your entire team is delivering exceptional customer service. Thorp & Associates can help. We have the expertise and two decades of experience helping teams -- from upper management to line staff -- to understand and deliver customer service excellence.

Our services include:

  • Service Excellence Training
  • Managing for an empowered team
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment
  • Train the trainer for customer service excellence
  • Training needs analysis

Your entire organization needs to embrace a culture of customer service excellence. Everyone in your organization needs to be empowered to provide that service, to make delivering exceptional customer service not only possible, but second nature. We will use some or all of these services to identify your needs and customize an approach to help all members of your team embrace this culture.

Contact Thorp & Associates to begin.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service