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Emotional Intelligence

thorp philosophy, human resources consulting

Emotional intelligence ( EI ) describes the ability to perceive, assess, and manage emotions -- one's own, as well as those of other individuals. EI is also critical to group dynamics, as we never interact with other solely on the basis of our reasoning powers. Your emotional intelligence quotient ( EQ ) is a measure of your ability to leverage your self awareness to improve your personal and professional lives.

Our formal educations develop many skills in us, but these are generally reasoning skills -- the use of mathematics and language to describe the world and to prescribe action.

Formal education typically ignores our emotional intelligence. As a result, many people have the technical skills to build great careers, but not the emotional self-awareness to achieve high performance in fast-paced organizations.

Thorp & Associates are experienced EI testing administrators. They have used EI to help numerous organizations to build high-performance teams, and they can do the same for yours. Contact Thorp & Associates to find out how we can increase the emotional intelligence of your organization.

thorp philosophy, human resources consulting