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Leading, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching

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Leading is not easy, but success without effective leadership is only an accident. Leadership development must be a primary concern in any organization that wants to ensure continuous, long-term success.

Thorp & Associates offers many services, including executive coaching , to help you formulate and implement effective management training and development strategies.

A Question of Leadership

Leadership is not about getting people to follow you. It's about inspiring them to excel.

Does your leadership team have what it takes to inspire all members of your team to overcome the constant pressures of internal and external change and achieve your business goals? It's a question of leadership, and leadership development.

Thorp & Associates offers a wide range of management training and development courses. We believe your managers should have three interdependent goals:

  1. Customer Service Excellence
  2. Profitability
  3. Employee Satisfaction

We believe that all three goals must be achieved together in order to create a sustainable organization -- to ensure long-term success and profitability. All three are necessary. To sacrifice one to achieve another may lead to short-term success, but achieving all three is what constitutes leadership genius.

Our workshops are designed to help you use resources effectively -- to work with the resources you have rather than using lack of resources as an excuse for not achieving your goals.

Leadership Development Workshops

We offer workshops designed around a number of core skills and abilities, including:

  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Managing the Change Process
  • Project Management
  • Building a Team
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Interviewing Skills for Hiring
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Positive Discipline Skills
  • Making the Transition into Management
  • Delegation Skills

Leading effectively and consistently is the only path to continuous, long-term success. We deliver leadership, leadership development, and executive coaching courses specifically designed to meet your organization's needs. These customized courses can also be designed with the plan of having your internal trainers deliver the programs. Contact Thorp & Associates to start building the leadership team you need today, and for the future.