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Thorp & Associates - Our Philosophy

thorp philosophy, human resources consulting

You organization is unique, and all of human resources consulting work is customized around your needs and objectives, your company's culture and values, and your company's vision. Our experience and expertise allows us to determine your needs quickly and to facilitate the processes you need to establish goals and achieve results.

Each of our workshops is highly individualized and demands a large degree of participation from the team. We measure our success on your ability to reach your goals and we strive to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

thorp philosophy, human resources consulting
Examining and Resolving Real Issues

We challenge organizations and individuals to look closely at their systems, processes, strengths and weaknesses to define the extent to which they enhance or inhibit performance.

We get companies to look at the real issues.

We pride ourselves in our approach. We create a safe, non-threatening, fun, enlightened and challenging environment, where learning is a continuous process of personal and professional growth, and where employees, customers and the bottom-line all profit.

The Cycle of Excellence - Passion, Growth, Understanding

A cycle denotes continuity. We help you to achieve excellence by leveraging your passion, your personal and professional growth, and your new-found understanding and self awareness in a continuing cycle.

Passion breeds excellence. The members of your management team need to have passion to create meaningful growth within your organization. When growth occurs, greater understanding is achieved, and a healthier outlook and a sense of tranquility ensue. Health and tranquility renew passion and pave the way for further growth and development. And so the cycle of excellence continues. The circle represents that learning is an ongoing process of personal and professional growth.